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New Zealand’s North Island is a stunning patchwork of rolling farmland and forest clad hills, all fringed by a beautiful coastline. There is no better way to tour New Zealand than on a well organised self drive itinerary and our team of NZ specialists can help you find and create the perfect self drive tour or holiday. There's an amazing campervan journey for everyone to enjoy, although it's best seen and most economical travelling south to north, Queenstown to Auckland. May 30, 2019 · If you’re looking for both adventure and breathtaking scenery on your next holiday, make sure to put New Zealand’s North Island on your travel list. In your comfortable Motorhome you'll sleep under the starry skies of Mt Cook National Park, wake up to Wanaka's astonishing mountainscapes and slumber next …New Zealand motorhome tours. Looking for campervan hire in New Zealand? Here's a few of our best NZ hire deals to get you out exploring. See New Zealand like the locals do: a South Island Campervan adventure is as "Kiwi" as it gets. To help you plan […]North Island. Filled with spectacular scenery that includes vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, sweeping coastlines, deep fjords and lush rainforests, it’s a haven for those seeking peace, rejuvenation and relaxation, as well New Zealand Self Drive Tours & Holidays Over 200 NZ tours to inspire you. This New Zealand North Island itinerary of 7 days is designed to give you a little taste of the scenery, culture and diversity of this magnificent country. From the world’s second largest wine region and landscapes shrouded in geothermal activity, to contemporary cities and sweeping beaches, there’s much to see on an incredible road trip through New Zealand’s North Island. The most popular campers in New Zealand are small and simple converted vans, which are little more than a bed on wheels. New Zealand motorhome tours offer the opportunity to tour New Zealand with a group of others and combine adventure, the great outdoors, fun activities, sightseeing, relaxing and socialising. new zealand motorhome holidays With mile after mile of open roads, New Zealand is a motorhomer’s dream at any time of year. See New Zealand’s European roots in English-influenced Christchurch before venturing south to Scottish Dunedin and looping around to Queenstown, the so-called Adventure Capital of the World. Self-drive Holidays on the South Island. Jul 17, 2019 · The first part focussed on the South Island, and this part takes details our New Zealand North Island itinerary. We run a small fleet of modern, well equipped campervans which means we can offer a high level of support and attention to your New Zealand holiday. Offering everything from bungy jumping, and geothermal hot pools, to secluded beach caves and active volcanoes, the North Island is home to some truly unique experiences. Qualmark is New Zealand tourism’s official mark of quality, which means that Apollo has been independently assessed by Qualmark and deemed professional and trustworthy. It is here that the Maoris and Europeans first settled, and the cultural legacy is still evident. Road tripping New Zealand's North Island. . See all our New Zealand campervan deals. Enjoy the freedom, comfort and mobility of motorhome touring in New Zealand. Apollo Motorhome Holidays has been awarded Qualmark certification in the visitor transport category for New Zealand. In the first post, I also explained all the logistics of our road trip in New Zealand: how much we spent, the kinds of places we stayed, and the experiences we were looking for. Read moreApr 20, 2017 · The north Island has a lot to offer in scenery and culture. However, there is a full range of motorhomes available from the major pick-up points around the country - these being Auckland in the North Island and Christchurch or Queenstown in the South Island

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